Medical Lab Assistants collect samples, such as blood, and will often be the laboratory professional that interacts directly with patients. The Medical Lab Assistant shares knowledge promotes learning and collaborates with other professionals in providing effective patient care NSNY school of Nursing and paramedical works closely with labs and community hospitals and strives to maintain our reputation for providing relevant training and producing highly skilled graduates. The course duration is of six months.
Students learn about procedures for diagnostic testing in a
laboratory and learn to identify and analyze substances, blood, and microorganisms using common instruments found in a laboratory. Medical lab technicians use their skills to help diagnose, detect and track diseases. As a graduate from our Medical lab Assistant program, students will be competent in all administrative and clinical functions necessary to obtain employment in a medical lab. You will be trained in the collection of specimens from patients, initial processing preparation, and reception services, the performance of ECG’s and a variety of basic laboratory procedures, which are performed under the supervision of a trained medical laboratory technologist.

Medical Lab Assistant

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