Modules Covered
1st sem. Same as CCHM
And 2nd sem-
Detailsabout new & old Generation peripherals (device)
[SMPS,motherboard, RAM, HDD, Micro Processor, Etc]
Old& new Machine repairing (Practical) [P3, P4, Dual Core,
C2D, i3,i5, i7, Etc]
Partition& Backup
VariousDevices Installation (Printer, Scanner, Internet Device, Camera)
Conceptof Basic Networking

Duration                                       12 Months.
Lump sum Fee                              Rs. 9,500/-
Installment Fee             Rs. 10,500/- (1500/-+900/-X10 Months)

Diploma in computer Hardware & Maintenance (DCHM)

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